Marni Saves The Wedding!

Marni was absolutely instrumental in making our off-beat, outdoor, weekend-long , community-powered potluck wedding happen. Despite a short timeline and tight budget, Marni was a fountain of ideas, resources, energy and enthusiasm.

She sat down with us to make lists of tasks, prioritized and delegated them. Per her suggestion, we created a large calender with tasks marked to be completed by day.

When our energy faltered, she was there to keep us focused. She kept in touch and kept us on track using phone calls, in-person meetings, texts and e-mails. Her experience with working and volunteering at festivals, art shows and Burning Man was extremely valuable, as she had a deep understanding of the logistical planning and labor that was necessary to make a major event like this happen.

The day before the event arrived, Marni was there with us; laboring to set up tents, tables and decorations, creating a working outdoor kitchen, offering assistance and advice, and directing people. She stayed calm, energetic and friendly in the face of exhaustion and stress. The result, the following day, was the most beautiful day of our lives. She acted as the event coordinator, and directed the throng of people with grace and enthusiasm. We did not have to worry about anything except marrying each other and having a great time. The following day, she assisted with pack-up and organization. Marni saved our day, and her expertise was worth every penny, and far beyond. Thank you!

–Rowan and Peter L.

Marni Saves the remodel

Marni came over with all of the boxes, wrapping papers, tapes and tools needed to effectively pack up my kitchen to prepare for the remodel. She moved furniture, helped me organize where the boxes would go in my house during the project, made sure everything was labeled correctly (and on all sides of the boxes) and did it while keeping me focused and laughing the whole time. She worked with me to make sure when I needed to unpack the boxes that things would go smoothly – and they did. She even made sure the boxes weren’t too heavy. She was efficient, friendly, organized and on-task. It was a pain in the neck task and she made it fun and easy.

– Sharon A.

Marni Saves the Year

"Marni has been invaluable to us for the last year and a half. She came to us and just stepped in and started working with us without question! She can do anything and she does it quickly and efficiently. We are amazed at what she can accomplish, she is extremely easy to work with! I wish that she could work for us all the time!"

-Donna T.

Marni Saves the Move

"Marni was a lifesaver! I was totally stressed out trying to get my things together when I was moving to Zurich for work and she was there to help with all the odds and ends that I just couldn’t do! The fact that I could concentrate on the things that I really needed to take care of made all the difference for this giant leap in my life."

-Bryant H.

Marni Saves the Details

"Whenever I am really in need and wracking my brain about who I can turn to…I remember that Marni can help or knows somebody that can take care of my needs! From planning to organizing to just a helping hand…she really does “save the day!”"

~ Sam L

Declutter. Feel Better. Be Happy



Clutter creates stress and makes it hard to focus. Whether it’s your home, office, files, or storage space, I'm here to help you to declutter your life and allow you to get focused and productive again.



Disarray and chaos are indications that the your organizing systems need help! I solve these problems with you, using the materials you have on hand, to create new habits.



Life transitions are stressful. Whether moving, combining or separating households, or closing up the estate of the deceased, having an expert to assist makes the whole process easier on everyone.



Whether it is organizing, decluttering, or just clearing things out, on top of solving the problem, I make sure everything gets reused or recycled, and nothing goes to the landfill.

"Marni has been invaluable to us"

~ Donna T