Q: My small business needs help. What can you do?

A: Many small business people have a box full of receipts from the last year (or two years, three years, and even more!). I can help you get all your files and papers in order for your bookkeeper or tax preparer. I can either come in on a regular basis to keep your files orderly and up to date, or we can do it all at once at the end of the year. I can also help you put systems in place to avoid this kind of mess in the future!

Q: My storage space has become my Pile Of Denial! How can I make this space useful again?

A: I can either provide support to you while you organize your space, or I can come in and put everything ship shape, with everything labeled and on a map! I can take on as much or as little of the project as you need.

Get Organized. Stay Healthy!



Clutter creates stress and makes it hard to focus. Whether it’s your home, office, files, or storage space, I'm here to help you to declutter your life and allow you to get focused and productive again.



Disarray and chaos are indications that the your organizing systems need help! I solve these problems with you, using the materials you have on hand, to create new habits.



Life transitions are stressful. Whether moving, combining or separating households, or closing up the estate of the deceased, having an expert to assist makes the whole process easier on everyone.



Whether it is organizing, decluttering, or just clearing things out, on top of solving the problem, I make sure everything gets reused or recycled, and nothing goes to the landfill.

"Marni was a lifesaver!"

~ Bryant H