Pricing Overview

Every project is unique, but they all share one thing in common: People think it is going to take MUCH longer than it actually does! If you have been dreading clearing out that old storage locker, the dread makes it seem harder than it is. My fresh eyes, fresh energy, and fresh methods will make quick work of that Pile of Denial. Much quicker than you expect!

Also, once people start working with me and see all the ways I can help, projects tend to expand. (What can I say? I’m good, and people like working with me!) So when we meet, we will take a look at the project you have in mind, figure out how much you want to be involved in the grunt work, and then we’ll come up with a price that works for both of us. To give you some baseline project prices to look at, I have included some package pricing to the right.

These should give you a ballpark idea of what to expect.

Storage Locker Organization (10x10):


Home Office Sort and Declutter:


Home Clearing to Prepare for Market:


Assisting Family Closing an Estate:


Selling/Consigning Items:

50% of the price.

Get Organized. Stay Healthy!



Clutter creates stress and makes it hard to focus. Whether it’s your home, office, files, or storage space, I'm here to help you to declutter your life and allow you to get focused and productive again.



Disarray and chaos are indications that the your organizing systems need help! I solve these problems with you, using the materials you have on hand, to create new habits.



Life transitions are stressful. Whether moving, combining or separating households, or closing up the estate of the deceased, having an expert to assist makes the whole process easier on everyone.



Whether it is organizing, decluttering, or just clearing things out, on top of solving the problem, I make sure everything gets reused or recycled, and nothing goes to the landfill.

"Marni saved our remodel!"

~ Sharon A